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Aldhaen Marine specializes in designing and manufacturing high-performance boats and marine accessories. Founded in the late 1989 by a group of marine enthusiasts who saw the need for better and more efficient boats. The company quickly gained a reputation for producing innovative and well-crafted vessels that were perfect for a variety of marine activities.



In the early years of the company's history, H. Aldhaen Boats focused primarily on the production of small boats and fishing vessels. However, as the company grew, it began to expand its product line to include larger luxury yachts and pleasure boats. 

Today, H. Aldhaen Boats is recognized as one of the premier boat manufacturers in the region, with a reputation for producing some of the finest boats and yachts on the market. The company's boats are highly sought after by customers around the world, with a growing presence in markets such as Europe, Asia, and the United States.


First AlDhaen Boat - 20 feet.

Early 1990's

Fishing boats - 18', 24', 29'<br> Semi leisure boats - Pioneer 27'<br> Copra Side console - 16'<br> Classic - 19'

Late 1990's

Pioneer Workaround - 30'<br> Pro Targa - 40'<br> Wave Breaker SF, OF - 36' and 38'<br> Military Boats for the US Navy - Bahrain

2000 to 2009

320 Scorpion - 32'<br> Majestic Yacht - 38'<br> Classica - 650<br> 94 boats to Saudi Coast Guard and Security Boats<br> 50 Patrol Boats to Saudi Arabia<br> Commercial Ferry line launch - 650 Passenger Vessel<br> 22 boats to Indian Government - 430 Interceptor

2010 to 2016

STC Passenger Boat<br> Military Medical Fraternity - 41'Ambulance<br> 530 Passenger Vessel<br> 500 Wave Breaker - 50'<br> Mediterranean Yacht MED 45 - 45'

2017 to 2022

Mumtalakat Take-over<br> Facelifted Models<br> Special Project to Saudi - 28', 29', 31'<br> 365cc<br> 310cc<br> 34 ProFish<br> 29 ProFish<br> 34 Traditional Fishing<br> 29 Traditional Fishing<br> Millitary Boats to Iraq



Looking to the future, H. Aldhaen Boats is committed to continuing its tradition of innovation and quality. The company is constantly exploring new technologies and materials to incorporate into its boats, as well as expanding its product line to meet the evolving needs of the leisure boating market. With a focus on customer satisfaction and a commitment to excellence, H. Aldhaen Boats is poised to continue its success in the years ahead.